Within that mission, we have four key goals that we want people to pursue and experience at Heartland.

1) Salvation

It is our desire to see all people walk into thriving relationships with Jesus. We absolutely believe that life with Jesus is the best possible life that anyone could ever choose and want to do everything in our power to help people understand the importance of that decision. We do our best to create environments in our weekend experiences to help people meet Jesus for themselves, and we constantly challenge people to take their next bold step in Christ!

2) Freedom

We believe that real life change happens in the context of relationships and also understand that people need the space to grow and connect at their own pace. Heartland is a place where we want you to find authentic community and connection.

3) Restoration

We believe that once you are walking in absolute freedom in your life, then you are now freed to move into the capacity that God originally created you to fulfill. We want people not only being free, but we want them free to move into their purpose. For Heartland, restoration happens best through discovery and discipleship. We intentionally try to create environments where people can become better and discover mission in their lives.

4) Fulfillment

We often say that “we were created to make a difference with a group of people who are making a difference.” Once we are saved, freed and then restored, finally we are able to walk in the fulfillment and pleasure of God’s purpose for our lives. We believe that every person that walks through the doors of Heartland is called to be a minister and that each one of us were created to fill a role in the kingdom of God!

You can learn more about our purpose as a church and how your gifts and callings fit into that purpose by attending our Growth Track!