Heartland Church LOVES our Dream Team! Each and every volunteer who serves at Heartland Church makes a difference in the lives of every person who walks through the doors. We can’t say thanks enough…but we’re gonna try! That’s why we’re taking one BIG night on February 25th at 6pm and going all out to say thank you for all that you’ve done over the last year!

Our Dream Team Party is a night of music, laughter, celebration and great food! This year we’re theming the night “Favorite TV Show’s” So be a part of the fun and come dressed as your favorite TV Show character!

Your entire family is going to love this and together, we’ll celebrate all that God has done through you in one big, giant, and hilarious night at Heartland Church that we’re calling our DREAM TEAM PARTY!

WHEN:  Sunday, February 25th at 6:00pm

WHERE: Heartland Church

DRESS CODE: Casual; Come dressed as your Favorite TV Character

CHILDCARE: 0-6 years old (Kids 7+ will LOVE the Party)