Serve Day (October 2nd)


SERVE Day is our outreach initiative where we can love people to life through Jesus Christ. Two times a year, we ask the whole church to participate in giving back to our community and focus their efforts in helping those around us. In the fall, we have what we call SERVE Day, this is an incredible day where we’ve had up to 300+ people in our church serve in the city of Carrollton and the surrounding DFW area. During the winter, we have what we call Giving Hope (December 18, 2021). At Giving Hope we invite families in need from the area to come and pick out gifts for their family and hear the good news of Jesus Christ as well as receive a meal to take home. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we have several projects that people can participate in some way to make sure we love people to life.


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Need ideas for different kind of projects! Take a look at all you can do!

General Ideas

  •  Pay for people’s laundry at a laundromat and pass out snacks or drinks
  • Host a free garage sale
  • Bring free lunches to construction workers and servicemen in your area
  • Hand out free gum at a local park
  • Clean up a widow’s or single mom’s yard
  • Give out free sunscreen at a city park
  • Give out free bottled water
  • Plan a party for foster care children. Have free food, games, and a backpack/school supply giveaway
  • Give out free donuts and coffee at bus stop or shopping center
  • Host a free car wash for the faculty at a school
  • Minor car repairs for elderly, widows and/or single mom’s
  • Kids host a free kids toys and games garage sale
  • Kids host a free lemonade stand

Nursing Homes

  • Deliver fresh flowers to the residents
  • Host a worship service at a nursing home (offer worship, devotions, prayer, and fellowship)
  • Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations
  • Landscape a flower garden and sitting area for resident
  • Have kids make crafts (necklaces, wooden crosses)  that can be given to residents
  • Distribute chips and sodas to residents & employees (check with staff on food restrictions)
  • Tea Party
  • Help the residents complete care packages for foster kids



  • Band: Serve free drinks or snacks at their practices
  • Sports teams: Serve free bottled water at their practices
  • Give away free mechanical pencils or energy drinks to college students
  • Host a free picnic in the quad.
  • Give out free donuts and coffee on the quad

Special Needs/Youth Home

  • Identify a family with a special needs child and give the family a Mom & Dad’s day out
  • Adopt a group home for the day and throw a party for the residents
  • Build a wheelchair ramp for handicapped
  • Organize a field day for a group youth home

Street Outreach

  • Serve hot breakfast for the homeless in your community
  • Do a community trash clean up
  • Host a “Block Party” with free food, games, music, etc. for families
  • Renovate a run-down playground or park in the area
  • Do a door-to-door grocery giveaway
  • Have a “Free Grass Cutting” day


  • Serve free coffee, energy drinks, and snacks to staff and those waiting in the emergency room
  • Give out healthy snacks to patients of chemotherapy
  • Deliver small gifts to patients and families in the children’s ward (toys, care packages, etc)
  • Prayer visits with patients and those in emergency room
  • Take care-packages with snacks, sweets and small gift items (lotions, magazines, puzzles etc.) to families of hospitalized children.

Business/Service Organizations/Public Servicemen

  • Wash windows
  • Trash pick-up in parking lot
  • Corral shopping carts to designated spaces
  • Cook Lunch for your local police or fire station


Serve Day Projects 2021

GraceBridge Food Distribution at Heartland Church 

 We will distribute food and personal care boxes and pray for all that come and bless their families. We will be packing boxes with food and personal care for future distributions.  We need 10-12 volunteers to help  greet, pray and load the boxes into the recipients’ cars.  We need 10 volunteers to help pack the food boxes.

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GraceBridge Food Distribution at Evergreen of Vista Ridge

We will take food to a local retirement community and serve several families there. We need 5-8 volunteers to help deliver to the retirement apartments and pray with and encourage the recipients.

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Bibles and Blankets for Prayer Homeless Outreach

We want to present the people in the most need in and around Carrollton with blankets and Bibles.  Our lead team has been planning and dreaming about this outreach and hope that you will come and help us be the hands and feet of Jesus to the homeless near us.

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Women’s Prison Ministry Letter Writing

We want to create a women’s prison ministry that encourages them to find strength in Jesus.  We will be preparing materials to send to them, encouraging notes and devotionals.

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Widow Helps

We will select a few single women from the church that might need help with a few things at their homes- flipping mattresses, changing light bulbs, AC filters changed, boxes moved to or from the attic, furniture moved within the home, simple repairs (we are not plumbers or electricians).  We want to bless and honor the ladies of our church.

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Cleaning Up and Blessing

Our team will take cold water to construction sites and clean up in the areas.  We will need volunteers of all ages.  Please wear work gloves and bring trash bags.

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Pick Up and Delivery to GraceBridge

We would like to help GraceBridge and help us clean out a few unwanted pieces of furniture to bless a family in need. We need a few strong men to help us load up and pick up these items and then take them to GraceBridge so they can bless a family in need.

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Kingfisher Lake Project

Our team will go to the park to clean-up and bless the folks that are living at the campground. We will pass out Care packs with snacks and water, citronella candles, and more. We will need these items as well.

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Giving Hope Packet Assembly

Our team of people of all ages will put together the packets we will distribute during Giving Hope.  Supplies will be collected and assembled at Heartland Church on Serve Day. We are so excited to contribute to our Giving Hope outreach event and serve together with you for SERVE Day.

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