God bless you for your devotion to the kingdom of god. Your faithful support and prayers are helping us continue the mission of our church, reach the lost with the Gospel and bring healing to the hurting. On behalf of every single person whose life has been changed, thank you for doing your part to make it possible.


We want you to know that financial integrity is of the utmost importance in this ministry. We don’t take your trust lightly. In fact, we have established standards to guarantee that our finances are handled in the best and most honorable way.


Within the realm of handling our finances, it is Heartland’s goal to ensure that we honor God’s provision by exercising wise and faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Heartland Church remains beyond reproach.


Our Business Elder team is comprised of respected business leaders in our congregation. They serve as non-staff elders and oversee all buildings and properties and ensure that we are good stewards with the money you have entrusted to the church.


Our mission is facilitated through our system of internal controls over financial reporting and our internal budgeting and reporting processes. Additionally, Heartland Church has audits performed by an independent certified public accounting firm.


Partners of Heartland Church may request a copy of our most recent financial statements or ask general questions about our financial practices at any time by contacting our accounting office:



Kelsey Timmes