There’s something refreshing about meeting people who just love being real and being themselves. In a world where pastors are often guilty of putting on a church face, Pastors Dusty and Kendra Dean are known for their fun-loving passion and genuine authenticity.  With strong pastoral legacies in both of their families, Dusty and Kendra stepped into the lead pastor roles at HC in October 2019. They have been ministering for over 18 years often sharing their own story of God’s redemption in their lives and marriage, loving people right where they are and laughing a lot all the way through it.

Dusty served in various roles at HC as a third generation pastor in a family of pastors who have led HC for over 50 years. He served as an executive and teaching pastor at HC for 5 years and the NextGen Pastor for 12 years at Heartland prior to that. During that time, he founded the Reveal Conference, a yearly conference that has drawn thousands of students for over 14 years. His preaching and teaching has influenced the lives of thousands of people on 6 continents across the world. He holds three degrees: a Bachelor of Science from Dallas Baptist University, as well as Master of Arts and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University.

In addition to serving along side Dusty at HC throughout the years, Kendra has served Daystar Television Network since 2003 leading audiences into worship across the world as a member of Joni and the Daystar Singers team.  Using her natural leadership skills and creative abilities, for over 15 years, she worked full-time as a member of the network’s production team to organize events, lead teams, build leaders, design creative elements, and coordinated some of the world’s leading ministry voices as guest speakers for Daystar’s flagship programs.  Passionate about seeing people reach their full potential, Kendra shares her life experiences in a refreshing and candid way to encourage others to dig deep and say yes to God’s Best in their lives.  Today, while linking arms with Dusty as the Lead Pastors of Heartland Church, she continues to serve the Daystar Television Network where she leads worship on The Marcus & Joni Show and is a co-host on Joni Table Talk where they tackle some of the world’s toughest topics through a Christ-centered lens.

With hearts full of faith, Dusty and Kendra and their two daughters, Jaden and Brooklyn are working to help lead Heartland Church to love people to life.