Are you facing a challenging situation at the moment? Because of the finished work of Jesus at the cross, today, you can come boldly to the throne of grace with your cares and obtain mercy in your time of need (Hebrews 4:16)!

Heartland Church wants you to know that we care deeply about what’s going on in your life. Each request that is sent to us is emailed to our prayer intercessors. When you mark your prayers as confidential, it is sent only to the members of the pastoral team and prayer ministry team leads.

The Bible tells us that the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and that His ears are open to their prayers (1 Peter 3:12). No matter what you may be going through today, know that the moment you pray, God hears you!

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


Please prayer for my mom Sue who is having a surgery to remove part of her colon. Please pray it’s a successful surgery with no colostomy bag and no complications. Thank you!

Received: January 6, 2023


Please pray for my husband Tom that he would be healed of tinnitus and depression in Jesus Name Amen. We got the flu before Christmas and he can't snap out of the sadness right now. Plus the pressure and anxiety of the holidays gets him down. Thank you Heartland Church. I have a small group leader too that I notify. I'm asking God to give me wisdom as I walk this out with my husband. I can't make him do anything he doesn't want to and praying he seeks help for himself.

Received: December 26, 2022

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.

Kris Rao

Please pray for my wife Sugi. She had a biopsy done. The results of the biopsy will be shared on Monday; December 5. The Radiologists indicated based on preliminary test it could be breast cancer. If confirmed the Doctor will perform an MRI. Please pray for strength to Sugi and wisdom to the Doctors that they come up with an effective treatment plan. Pray the Lord completely heals her. Also pray for me and family for strength. Thanks, Kris

Received: December 4, 2022

Anonymous Anonymous

I have a couple prayer requests, please:

1. Myself and several others are suffering in a similar way. Please pray that God give us all faith, freedom, and end our suffering. Pray God move in power quickly to keep his promises to us and completely remove every mountain in the way of his will. Pray for breakthrough, answered prayer, an abundance of love, and for lots of God’s redeeming love and grace. Pray God not delay.

2. Please pray for miracles of salvation for my lost family and friends and that God move in power today to bring them to saving faith in Jesus. Pray not one be lost. Pray for God’s love for them and that they repent before anything bad happens to them. Pray God use me to minister to them and equip me to do so.

3. Please pray for my mom and me that we would be safe, and strong and healthy spiritually and physically and for God’s blessing and favor in our work, living situations, relationships and finances. Pray God clearly guide and make a clear way for us both, take us by the right hand, and open doors in the direction of his best will for us. Pray God take good care of us. Pray for complete healing, revival, and restoration of every kind for us both.

Received: November 22, 2022


Please pray for the Lord to help my family for a miracle.We are down to 1 vehicle, since the other one has been in the body shop since August 2022. Since I am not the one with the higher income my vehicle is the one we are using. We have called the delaership several times, and no one keeps us updated,or informed. The Chevy Traxx was in a accident but no one was hurt PRAISE GOD.

It is difficult, here in Colorado to try to commute with public transportation because it is not reliable and there is crime and drugs on the light rail and the buses.

I had a job interview yesterday and was not able to get thereand lost the opportunity to work for a private ambulance company, both of us are in the medical field.

I am heartbroken, I was so excited to have that job, not as a paramedic but as the mechanic, I am a Navy veteran. Today I finally cried my eyes out, my aunt who was 62 passed away less than a year after having the second Covid jab/garbage.

I also lost the pastor who baptized me, in August as well as 2 other church members, and the common denominator is that shot. Please ask God to intervene, we do need the 2 vehicles because one of us works in home healthcare with the elderly and disabled, the vehicle is the office.

Pray for the Lamb family since I know it is close to the anniversary of Marcu's passing. Pray for our country.God bless all who pray for us,we will do the same.

Received: November 8, 2022

Shawn Coleman

Please be praying for our family . My mother hospice nurse stole a timer. I know its a one dollar timer from dollar tree. We use the timer to keep track of breathing treatments. We keep it in a basket along with her bloodpressure cuff. I thought I heard it beep when she got the blooppressure cuff out. I dont move the timer but its went missing not sure why she would take it . Pray that we get a new nurse one that will do right by my mom .Pray for my brothers job hes been hit hard by covid his hours has been cut and his car he has to travel 1hour and almost 20 minutes .We had to turn some doctors and hospital in for wrong doing to the state Pray their lawers dont try to distort the truth . Pray the real truth comes out . We been taking care of a stray and some kids were mistreating her and I had to call them out and one of them stuck his middle finger up at my brother . Pray for a peacful solution .

Received: November 7, 2022

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Leah Gonzales

Please pray for my mom, Jean Romero, who is having back surgery tomorrow.

Received: October 26, 2022

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


Please pray that my pain goes away and I finally heal. I’ve been in pain for quite some time limiting what I can do. I’ve been doing physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor, and specialists and the bills just keep adding up and I can’t work enough to pay them all. I just need this pain to go away. Thanks

Received: October 25, 2022

Crystal Vines

Please pray for finances for my back rent

Received: October 23, 2022


Please pray I find a full time job soon. I am applying at 2 places tomorrow. I had been depressed for 5 years, and recently the Lord delivered me from depression without medications. There is a history of depression in my family. My grandfather was depressed after he retired from the NYPD. ( in the 1970s). My mother also had this issue.

I am actively looking for work, and need a job close to home.

Pray for Lynn who has been an RN for 33 years, and was written up last week, and yesterday. The next step is firing her, merely for not keeping up with the charting with her tablet. Lynn has been a great nurse. I ask for her to find the right job.

Received: October 20, 2022

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