We hope that you’ll consider joining us for a midweek believers service on a First Wednesday or praying and serving our community at a First Saturday.
Learn more about each environment below.

First Wednesdays take place at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month in our student auditorium.

First Wednesday is a service created for believers in a setting completely different than our weekend services. First Wednesdays exist to encourage believers through extended and focused times of worship, altar and prayer ministry, and discipleship. Since the primary goal of our weekends is to help people to find and know God, many times, the focused teachings cover topics that might not be taught on a weekend.

Since people who attend HC gather in homes throughout the week for small groups, those small groups are cancelled during First Wednesday week so everyone can gather in one environment together one time each month. Think of it like a monthly midweek family dinner.

Heartland Kids is available through 5th grade. We hope that you’ll join us for each First Wednesday experience the rest of this year!

First Saturdays begin in prayer at 9am and take place on the first Saturday of every month in our main auditorium.

First Saturdays were created to help our partners serve the community each month in planned and strategic ways. Each month, we gather together for focused prayer and focused service.

The mornings begin with a one-hour prayer service featuring worship, corporate and individual prayer led by one of our pastors or prayer team members. After the prayer service ends, team members branch off into various service opportunities dependent on the day.

At each First Saturday, we host Grace Bridge Food Distributions to our community from 11am-1pm. But in addition, we use our First Saturday to serve others in a myriad of ways. Whether that’s moving a widow into a new home, serving our local fire department or mowing the yard for an elderly family, the goal is to take the first Saturday and sow it into others. In doing so, we’re teaching our families and our flesh that Christ came to serve and not to be served—and the same is true for us as well.

We’ve attempted to make the First Saturday process as easy as possible. There isn’t a sign up necessary unless you’d like to serve at our Grace Bridge Food Distributions in which case, we ask you to please fill out this form.

To learn more about First Saturdays or to ask a question, email us.

First Saturday – September 5th

1. GraceBridge Food Distribution at Heartland
We are extremely excited that we will have fresh produce and dairy to add to our food and personal care items that we will distribute in our safe and spacious drive-up model. We need about 6 people to help us receive people, pray for them, and load up their vehicle with food.  Register here

2. Cemetery Clean-up Team
Paul Kadane will lead this team as we continue to clean up a historical African American cemetery in Lewisville that two of our HC partners have helped to maintain over the decades. This is the one project where we will meet early and miss the prayer portion of First Saturday. We will meet at 7am to clean out brush and cacti, weed-eat and mow.  Bring your yard tools if you have them including rakes, shovels, wheelbarrow, pole saw and loppers and wear protective clothing and gloves.  Register here and we will contact you with location and answer your questions.

3. Carrollton Police Department Appreciation
We want to thank our Carrollton Police Officers for their service.  In addition to praying for them to be protected from illness as they serve the community, we would also like to provide them a BBQ meal so we are working with Dickies BBQ in Carrollton to provide every officer in uniform with a free sandwich and drink from August 1st -3rd.  If you would like to help fund this project you can register here and put in the amount you would like to donate.

4. Teacher Supplies for R.L. Turner High School
The teachers at R.L. Turner high school serve one of the most challenging areas in our city.  Often the children come to school hungry and are unable to get supplies, so the teachers and the school do their best to provide the best education and encouragement as well as food and supplies for the kids. When the school year begins, and the kids start coming to school again they will have additional challenges that we want to help equip the teachers to conquer.  The administration at Turner has asked for Heartland to help them give a goodie bag to each of the 183 teachers at R.L. Turner.  We are gathering candy bars, hundreds of them to give the teachers a pick me up for themselves and to share.  They also have needs for other items listed below if you and your group or Dream Team would like to sponsor many of any of these items. All items needed at Heartland Church by August 5th. Register here to sponsor items and we will contact you with more information.
Candy Bars (all kinds!)
Sticky notes
Hand sanitizers
Packs of Gum
Clorox wipes
Surge protectors

5. Clothing and Shoe Collection at Heartland
We continue to collect your gently used clothing, home goods and shoes.  Please place them in the labeled Gracebridge Collection bin in the parking lot. This is an ongoing project to help our neighbors with needs.