At Heartland Church, we focus on relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, authentic relationships, meaningful healing, restoration and compassionate care for others. If you have not been to a weekend service yet to sense what HC is all about, we would love for you to come join us for a Sunday service this weekend.

We are thrilled about the possibility of you joining with us as a partner. We have chosen to use the word “partner” rather than the word “member” since in our culture, membership often is associated with country clubs and gyms while partnership means that we’re linking arms together for a greater cause. That is what we want people to sense at HC.


Perhaps you are brand new to Heartland Church OR you would say, “I’ve been attending but that’s all…” If you are interested in plugging into the heartbeat of what God is doing at HC, your next step is to attend our Growth Track.

The Growth Track is made up of four classes and in the second class, Step 2, you are actually given the opportunity to join the church. In Step 2, our lead pastor will share the story of our church, our purpose and our structure as well as how you can get connected.

The Growth Track takes place every month and you can jump in at any time!

Learn More About Growth Track