Heartland Kids

In Heartland Kids, our desire is to help children develop a genuine love for Jesus, build their lives on the truth of God’s Word, connect in meaningful friendships, and discover their purpose at a young age.

We believe that it is an honor to be able to build up the next generation of Kingdom leaders who will change the world and make an impact for eternity! We believe in welcoming every child and valuing them as part of the church. We teach kids God’s truth, encourage them in their faith, and create spaces for them to respond to what God is doing in their hearts!



Your child will experience personal care from our trained team. We keep our nursery room ready for your little ones with age-appropriate toys that are thoroughly cleaned between services.

We know babies have specific needs and schedules, so when you bring your child to the classroom, we have an easy-to-use form that you can fill out to let our team know the feeding, sleeping, and changing needs your child has. We also take time to love and pray for your child each week.



In preschool, children start to engage more with their church experience, so we help them interact and build their faith through stories, activities, and songs that give them Biblical truths. They also start to form relationships with other kids and their teachers.



Every weekend, your children first through fifth grade come to a Heartland Kids service where they experience dynamic worship and Biblical teaching. Together they learn about the Bible and how to have a relationship with God, memorize Scripture, and have fun developing friendships with each other.

From babies to fifth graders, our team wants to give your family an excellent experience.

When you arrive, our team will happily show you the way to the children’s area. You’ll go to the Kid’s check-in station where you can tell us a little about your family to help us serve you well. On our check-in form, we’ll ask things like what allergies your child may have, how many children are in your family, and get your contact information.

Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, you’ll receive a text from our system letting you know to come to the kids hallway. This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick up your child after the service.




In Heartland Kids, our desire is to help children develop a genuine love for Jesus, build their lives on the truth of God’s Word, connect in meaningful friendships, and discover their purpose at a young age.

Hear from some of our current Dream Teamers on why they love serving in Heartland Kids:

Chris – Elementary Leader 
“I love being a dad and training my kid as she grows up, and this is a way I can serve the church – by helping these kids grow into the men and women God is calling them to be. Plus the high-energy worship is fun too!”
April – Check-In Team 
“I love serving on the check-in team because I love getting to be a friendly face to families who may be weary from a hard week or nervous about attending our church for the first time. I also love getting to use my administrative gifts to help others!” 
Christine – 19-36 Month Leader 
“I love serving in kids because it’s an amazing opportunity to see their young minds and hearts open up to Jesus and God.  To see their faces light up when we praise them for following the message or sharing with new friends. I enjoy being a part of a strong, loving church community and watching them grow in their mini-community.” 
Jacob – 4-6 Year Old Leader 
“I love serving in kids because I get to make friends with the kids and help them understand life. There is one boy that always runs to me and greets me as he excitedly says my name. That makes me happy to be serving.” 



Joining the team can be done in 3 simple steps!

STEP 1: Click this LINK and fill out our short info form. Follow the instructions emailed to you.

STEP 2: Fill out and pass a background check provided from the form above.

STEP 3: A team member will be in touch to follow up with you and schedule your First Serve.



We have 6 main areas you can serve in HC Kids!

  • Check-In Team: provides a quick and easy check-in experience for families as they check in their child(ren).
  • Nursery: Ages 0-18 Months
  • Walkers: Ages 19-36 Months
  • Toddlers: Ages 3-4 Years
  • Pre-K/Kinder: Ages 5-6 Years
  • Elementary: 1st-5th Grade



When volunteering for Heartland Kids, you are committing to serve two services per month. It’s important to us that our dream teamers are not only serving but going to church as well! This is why we have organized our schedule accordingly:

Team A: 1st & 3rd Sundays First Service
Team B: 1st & 3rd Sundays Second Service
Team C: 2nd & 4th Sundays First Service
Team D: 2nd & 4th Sundays Second Service



Every week our team prepares a lesson for each room that is appropriate for the age group you are serving with. These lessons are made available to you ahead of time for your convenience. All supplies or props (if needed) are provided. A lesson consists of a Bible story, a main point we want them to remember, a memory verse, and a game or activity in some classrooms.



In Heartland Kids, we understand the great privilege it is that parents are trusting us with their children and we take that commitment very seriously. Safety is our number one priority. We make a promise to our families that all our leaders are properly trained and background checked to ensure that every leader in the room is held to the highest standard of accountability. We commit to you that the information on your background check is never shared. We understand that it is highly personal and sensitive information. We are committed to protecting you, the church, and our children.
If you have any further questions about joining the team, email our Kids Director, Tiana Gray at tiana.gray@theheartlandchurch.com

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